Brownfields Development

Brownfields Development Services

Brownfields are underutilized and contaminated properties that are remediated to facilitate a better use. Usually these sites have concentrations of regulated chemicals that are present in soil or groundwater above the residential cleanup criteria.

Lindmark Engineering has been working on Brownfields since the 1980s and long before the term Brownfields was invented. We have employed innovative tools that enabled previously infeasible projects to be redeveloped. We add a unique dimension to Brownfield development projects, as we can provide the regulatory compliance, potential funding resources, engineering, geological, remediation, permitting, environmental construction, and also equipment expertise into one attractive and cost-effective package for our clients. Our roster of successfully completed Brownfield projects includes industrial sites developed into schools, shopping centers, mixed use and retail facilities.

We believe that to be successful in Brownfields development, there is no substitute for proven experience.