Here is a sample of what our clients say about us:

“Lindmark Engineering has provided high quality and responsive environmental consulting services to the City at costs competitive with or below industry standards.”

City of Santa Monica

“The City of Beverly Hills has had a long-term professional relationship with Ulf Lindmark and continues to receive exceptional service on a variety of environmental projects.”

City of Beverly Hills

“We recently had a cash buyer for a large, commercial property in Los Angeles County which required an expedited environmental compliance audit. Lindmark Engineering was able to meet the deadline on a short notice and the audit report was critical for the successful closure of the sale.”

Mike Shellow, Director
CBRE Global Corporate Services

“My family trust and I have had the pleasure to know Ulf Lindmark and Lindmark Engineering for over 10 years. I called on Mr. Lindmark at a time when one of our properties had been mismanaged by another consultant and contamination had been allowed to threaten the drinking water supply and potentially devastate our asset. To our extreme relief, Lindmark Engineering was able to implement a fast-track remediation plan which not only saved the trust, but also allowed the property to be sold to a developer without any restrictions. Thank you Lindmark Engineering!!”

William D. Beck, Esq.

“Lindmark Engineering recently completed soil remediation projects at two of our large commercial properties in Manhattan Beach and Northridge. The remediation at both properties went very smoothly and the work was completed well below the original budget. I appreciate that Lindmark Engineering were able to do that and even achieve residential closure with no restrictions since the conditions were quite challenging. I recommend them highly.”

Myra Baher-Totten

“Ulf Lindmark has handled the hazardous waste cleanup of one of my buildings. Ulf is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of his craft, and I am extremely happy to have had his advice and counsel over a very arduous two-year period. His knowledge of hazardous waste is encyclopedic. His recommendations as to how to proceed were invaluable. I don’t know what I would have done without his assistance. I would not consider ever using anyone else for a problem in his area of expertise. I highly recommend Lindmark Engineering.”

Gary Greener

“Las Flores Water Company would like to commend and praise Lindmark Engineering for its efforts and proficiency in all the aspects of the project at our Mountain View Well #2 site in Altadena, California. Thanks to your firm and its efforts to design, construct, and complete the project, we are now pumping groundwater once again and able to reduce our purchased water costs. The facility has been running smoothly and results have been great.”

Las Flores Water Company

“Since 1987, Ulf Lindmark has assisted our company, Nasa Oil Corporation, with the successful cleanup and closure of many service station properties covered by the State of California Underground Tank Cleanup Fund. He has also performed Phase I assessments on investments properties and design of fueling facilities. Mr. Lindmark is trustworthy, diligent, and accomplished. He has excellent relationships with the regulatory community and he is an expert at guiding property owners large and small through the regulatory processes associated with regulatory compliance and land investment assessment.”

Nasa Oil Corporation

“ALS Industries demands the highest quality work and timely performance from our vendors. We have been extremely pleased with the performance of Ulf Lindmark and Lindmark Engineering. Mr. Lindmark’s expertise in off-site migration of chemical plumes in groundwater has been especially valuable to us.”

ALS Industries

“I have known Ulf Lindmark for 25 years and have utilized his company for the cleanup of a machining/plating site in an Operable Unit of a Superfund site and for the cleanup of a foundry/screw machine/casting machining/electronic assembly site for an integrated manufacturing firm. Ulf’s excellent knowledge of all aspects of environmental remediation and his long record of successful closures has resulted in excellent agency relationships and being regarded as one of the very best in his field. The result for me has been timely completed closures at reasonable costs. I recommend Ulf Lindmark without reservation to prospective environmental remediation clients.”

Gary Lachman