Environmental Litigation Support

Environmental Litigation Support

Lindmark Engineering has extensive experience serving both plaintiff and defense counsel in environmental litigation since 1989.

We can manage and database large amounts of data to provide an in-depth analysis of a case. Complex scientific concepts can be presented in layman’s terms, which is essential in communicating facts of scientific cases.

Our litigation support services include

  • Environmental document review & interpretation
  • Assisting in case theory development
  • Complaint review
  • Evaluation of technical merits of cases
  • Mediation/arbitration presentations
  • Deposition assistance
  • Interrogatory assistance
  • Settlement negotiations

Mr. Lindmark, who is our principal expert witness, has provided litigation support and expert witness services since 1989. He has been deposed over 30 times, has testified in court on 13 cases, and has made several mediation and arbitration presentations. His specialties are soil and groundwater investigation and remediation procedures, costs, and agency issues involving local agencies, Regional Boards, State and Federal agencies, and air quality management agencies.

Mr. Lindmark’s experience as an expert witness includes the following types of cases:

  • Standard of care of environmental consultants and contractors
  • Phase I and II deficiencies
  • Construction defects related to underground storage tank systems
  • Testing of underground storage tank systems
  • Sewage infiltration into residences
  • Age dating of chemical releases
  • Allocation of responsibility to pay for cleanup costs, including Superfund sites
  • Evaluation of off-site plume migration and remediation needs
  • Compliance with hazardous waste management requirements
  • Drilling incidents that ruptured underground storage tanks
  • Vapor intrusion
  • Dry cleaner (PCE) assessments and remediation

Mr. Lindmark’s expert witness services have covered a variety of sites such as oil fields, schools, service stations, mobile home parks, residences, dry cleaners, manufacturing companies, Superfund sites, office buildings and hospitals. You are welcome to download a PDF that contains more details about Mr. Lindmark’s litigation support experience [PDF – 279 Kb].