Underground storage tank compliance, design and construction

Various Fueling Facilities in Southern California

Underground Storage Tank Compliance, Design and Construction

A global manufacturing company selected Lindmark Engineering to evaluate all of their distribution centers in Southern California and make recommendations concerning compliance with federal, state and local tank regulations. The facilities were located in the counties of Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego and Ventura. The objectives of the work were to ensure that the facilities could comply with the new regulations at the lowest possible cost, and to establish a uniform approach to compliance that would simplify future management of these facilities.

Initially, an experienced engineer from Lindmark’s staff visited each site to review records and site conditions, and to interview the fleet manager or the person most familiar with the operation of tanks at a given site. Issues addressed during site visits included permit and reporting status, tank system installations and plot plans, integrity testing results, monitoring status, and operation or maintenance concerns. Following the site visits, we prepared a summary report of tank operations at the facilities and included our recommendations and cost projections.

Based on the report recommendations, we then provided complete design and permitting for all required work, including removal of unnecessary components and installation of tanks, piping, pumps and sumps, and overfill protection systems. We also worked with the fuel management vendor to determine the best way to integrate its installations with our tank upgrades. In addition, we provided spill containment, spill response plans, and signage for all facilities. At those sites where it was required, we prepared soil-sampling work plans, obtained soil samples, and prepared closure reports. The project was completed within budget, caused minimum disruptions to our client’s operations and met all regulatory deadlines.

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